Is there skill-based or duels matchmaking? Will it be added?

We don't currently have plans to add automatic/skill-based matchmaking for duels, though there are ways to find partners to duel with (see below).

While we had originally supported automatic (non-skill-based) matchmaking for duels when first implementing multiplayer, we disabled it since it didn't provide the experience we are shooting for with our multiplayer game modes. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • While the game's matchmaking usually has enough players to fill out co-op or Last Bot Standing matches, having more matchmaking modes would split the multiplayer further. Skill-based matchmaking is extra dependent on the number of players of the game (without many many more players, matchmaking can't take skill into account). We're definitely hoping to get more players into the game!
  • Duels with someone of a vastly different skill level are often very punishing and not as fun to play. Skill-based matchmaking would make this a better experience but would require many more players to work well.

If more players end up coming to the game, we'll have more flexibility to explore matchmaking for other (or even new) game modes! So while we don't have plans right now, there's a chance this could change in the future.

You can still find partners for duels, though!

Where can I find partners for duels?

Thanks to our awesome community, there are now a few places you can find duel partners!

  • On the official Doborog studio Discord, there is a #find-a-match channel you can post your request in!
  • There are few community Discords that organize skill-based matches. For a list of them, join the Doborog Discord and check out the #fan-sites-and-servers room, or ask around for a list of the latest competitive community servers!

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