Will there be more multiplayer matchmaking modes? (Team play, etc.)

We don't currently have plans for additional matchmaking modes, but there's a chance that could change in the future.

Unfortunately considering adding support for more multiplayer modes depends heavily on the number of players of the game. Without many many more players, matchmaking can't take skill into account, for example.

We're definitely hoping to get more players into the game!

  • When the game comes out of Early Access and onto consoles (we just announced PS4, Xbox, and Switch), we're hoping there will be more players in more regions, too.
  • We are also looking to get approval for cross-play, so even combat with console players will be possible.

Where can I find players for custom matches?

Thanks to our awesome community, there are now a few places you can find partners for online play. Some organize team Last Bot Standing matches, or skill-based duels.

  • On the official Doborog studio Discord, there is a #find-a-match channel you can post your request in!
  • There are few community Discords that organize skill-based matches. For a list of them, join the Doborog Discord and check out the #fan-sites-and-servers room, or ask around for a list of the latest competitive community servers!

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