Why does multiplayer feel more laggy / less precise hit detection / hitboxes?

With multiplayer games, actions you perform (swinging a sword, walking around) are sent to a server over the Internet. With Clone Drone, we wanted this to feel as good as possible, so we pay for Dedicated Servers for players to use, which makes combat more fair. (Otherwise the player hosting the server could have an advantage.)

Depending on where you're playing from compared to the server location, the game takes a certain amount of time to reach the server and get back. This is known as the ping, which you can sometimes see in the game in the list (if you press Tab during a multiplayer game).

When connecting to the game, you can see what your ping looks like in each region (green means a pretty good ping that won't feel too laggy):

In-game, if you press the tab key, you can see your ping and that of other players:

If you find the game feels laggy in multiplayer, you can:

  • Try different regions! See Multiplayer Regions FAQ for how to force a different region.
  • You may find that co-op feels less laggy. Worth trying it out to see if it's a better experience (plus you can make funny emotes at your friends)

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