Trouble connecting to multiplayer?

Trouble connecting to multiplayer?

Can the game not connect to Steam?

For features like online multiplayer and the Steam Workshop, players need to be signed in to Steam! Sometimes the game can have trouble connecting to Steam, and will show an error message like "Steam connect failed!" next to the multiplayer button on the main menu. If you're seeing that message, try following these steps!

In between each of these steps, try shutting down Steam entirely, opening your Steam library and re-opening the game from there.

- Sometimes restarting Steam or your computer has been seen to fix this issue.

- If on Windows: Try running Steam in Administrator mode. First, close Steam. Wherever you launch Steam from, right click on the icon and click “Run as Administrator”.

- If on Windows: Try temporarily disabling any third-party anti-virus (Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, 360 Safeguard, etc.). Windows Defender should be fine.

- Try checking out Steam's troubleshooting guide for connection issues!

Can the game not connect to multiplayer matches?

- Do you have a firewall or VPN between your computer and Steam (it could be Windows software like Avast or Norton, or it could be on your router, internet service provider (ISPs) or a national firewall)? If so, try temporarily disabling it to see if you can connect to multiplayer matches again.

- Try setting your region to the location closest to you under Options → Multiplayer → Multiplayer Region.

- Try checking out Steam's troubleshooting guide for connection issues!

Does the game show an error about an "incompatible version"?

- Try updating your game. We may have just released a new update for the game. If you aren't on the current version, that can keep you from connecting to matches. Check out the instructions here to update your game version:

- Try checking you're not currently in a beta branch (example: the experimental branch)! If you're on a different branch, that can prevent the game from connecting to multiplayer matches sometimes. To fix this, start by finding Clone Drone in your Steam library. Next, right click on the game -> select "Properties" -> select "Betas" -> select "None" in the dropdown. You should now be on the main branch of the game again. To ensure Steam recognizes you made this change, let's verify the integrity of your files! To do this, first find Clone Drone again in your Steam library -> right click on the game -> select "Properties" -> select "Local Files" -> select "Verify integrity of game files."

Did it work before and just stop working?

Is this happening on a Tuesday? Steam often performs routine server maintenance on Tuesdays in the early afternoon PST. You can check or DownDetector to see if anyone else is seeing issues.

If it's Steam outage related, sometimes Steam will resolve the issue within an hour or two.

If you're suddenly having trouble connecting to multiplayer matches, it's possible our multiplayer service provider PlayFab is having an outage, in which case checking the PlayFab Status page (under "Custom Game Servers," which is the main PlayFab multiplayer service we use for Clone Drone) will indicate if there is currently an outage. These tend to be over quickly, and are unfortunately outside of our team's immediate control!

Do none of these help?

Contact us at, we can give you some more things to try!

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