There aren't enough players in my region!

Depending on the time of day, and how many players are playing the game in your region, sometimes there may not be as many players close to you for some game modes.

If we could wave a magic wand and have tons more players, we totally would! This would mean more players in each region, and lower pings for all. It's possible the player base will grow over time, but until then, you can try Configuring a Different Region with this guide.

Other ways to find a multiplayer partner!

Thanks to our awesome community, there are now a few places you can find multiplayer partners outside of the game (and then use invite codes to play).

  • On the official Doborog studio Discord, there is a #find-a-match channel you can post your request in!
  • There are few community Discords that organize online play. For a list of them, join the Doborog Discord and check out the #fan-sites-and-servers room, or ask around for a list of the latest competitive community servers.

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