How do I Upload a Level to the Workshop?

Have you made a ton of awesome levels you want to share with the world? Upload them to the Clone Drone Steam Workshop!

Uploading a Single Level (Endless)

  1. Click Upload Level
  2. If the Publish to Steam button does not show up, you must first beat your level!
    In the upload dialog, click Beat It. If you've need to win a play test once for each difficulty.
  3. After each win, click Back to the Level Editor
  4. Click Upload Level once again! If you have another enemy difficulty, you may need to beat that, too.
    Once you've beaten everything, the Publish to Workshop button shows up! Click that to upload your level to the Workshop.
  5. Now you can click Open in Workshop to see your beautiful level in the Steam Workshop.

Uploading a Challenge

  1. Click the Make Challenges button
  2. Add any levels you want in your challenge.
  3. Click Beat It to playtest your challenge, and win once! If it's too hard, make it easier so someone can beat it!
  4. Return to the level editor, click Make Challenges, and hit the button Update Workshop Item. This will upload your challenge to Steam.
  5. Now you can click Open in Workshop to see your level live!

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