I Can't See my Game Window or Mouse Cursor

If you can't see your mouse or the game window seems hidden, there are some things you can try!

Potential Fixes to Try

  • Try both fullscreen and windowed modes to see if one of them works. If you can't access the settings menu, try launching the game while holding down the ALT key, this should open a game launch menu that will let you select screen settings.
  • Do you have any non-Microsoft third-party antivirus (Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.) software? See if temporarily disabling one of those helps.
  • Are you using Citrix, Duet, Synergy, or any screen / mouse sharing applications or anything that might override the screen rendering? Try temporarily disabling it and launching the game.
  • (if on Windows) Try updating your graphics card drivers:

Do none of these help?

Contact us at support@doborog.com, we can give you some more things to try!

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