My Game Crashes with an error that says: Win32 IO returned 1224


Some players have reported seeing the following crash message when playing the game:

The cause of this type of IOException Win32 IO returned 1224 error is that the game is not being allowed to write to the disk.

Solution 1 - Disable Any non-Windows Antivirus

This error can occur when the game is unable to access the hard drive to save the game's save file.

Sometimes this happens when a non-Microsoft antivirus is being used (Norton, McAffee, etc.)

Try disabling these (many even recommend relying solely on Microsoft Windows' built-in antivirus) or adding an exception for the game.

Solution 2 - If your Disk is Full, Free up Space

Another reason the game may not be allowed to write to disk is that it is full.

Tools like WinDirStat can be useful in finding where disk space is being used and freeing it up.

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