Last Bot Standing Rules and FAQ

Shower in garbage, human!

In Clone Drone's Last Bot Standing game mode, you join as one of 15 human minds (trapped in shiny robot bodies) fighting to the death. Claim the powerful upgrade drops falling from the sky, but be warned... there are not enough for all humans!

Game Rules

Note that these rules apply to public servers only! You can make private matches and coordinate your own rules with other players.

  1. It's YOU versus EVERYONE! Try to be the Last Bot Standing!
  2. No teaming up ("teamplay") with others!
    Teaming is when two or more players join the same match, and agree to avoid targeting each other for any length of time (examples: the entire game, until the final area, until a certain number of players remain, etc.). Sometimes (but not always), players who are teaming will fight other players together. Teaming can result in these players getting upgrades and wins, and is unfair to everyone joining the game solo.
  3. 5 player minimum for wins to count!
    For wins to count towards your Last Bot Standing win count and Garbage Bot upgrades, there need to be a minimum of 5 players in your public match. The more games you win, the cooler garbage bot you get to use 😎
  4. No cheating or hacking! Report players to us if you ever see cheats/hacks.
    We care about keeping the game fair and fun for everyone playing! We take reports of cheats and hacks seriously, and try to investigate and fix them as soon as we can. If you discover a new cheat, or suspect a player of cheating (note that lag and glitches in the game can sometimes look like cheating), please privately report it to us using the in-game report button or with the Contact button at the top of this page!
    Bonus: if you can record a video of the incident, that can help us take action quicker.
  5. Report glitches/bugs you find in multiplayer to us! You can reach us via email at or message one of our community managers on Discord. Discovering glitches/bugs is great and we really appreciate when you let us know about them.
    Abusing glitches/bugs in a way that hurts the experience for other players in public servers (e.g., abusing a map glitch to be unreachable and avoid combat in the final area for 30 minutes on a public server for an LBS win) can possibly lead to warnings/bans.

Reach out to us on Discord, the Steam Community, or via email at if you're confused about the rules!

Reporting or Blocking Players

When you report a player, either in-game or at our report email ( ), the reports go directly to us, the Doborog Team! 👋

We really do investigate every single report! Keep 'em coming!

  • Even when there's not enough information from a single report to take action, reports allow us to identify patterns of misbehavior to take action on.
  • Videos of incidents are especially helpful. This helps us differentiate between game glitches, cheating, team-play, etc.

Reporting and Blocking from Inside the Game

When you're playing a multiplayer match, you can hit ESC (or the Start button, if you're using a controller) to open the Escape Menu.

You'll notice a list of players to the right:

Click on the dots next to the player you'd like to block or report:

Click "Report", select the type of report, and fill in a description of what you saw:

Help! I've been banned!

If you've been banned or warned, you should see a message on the Clone Drone main menu explaining what the relevant rule was.

If you're confused about why you were banned, you can email us at (include your Steam ID or profile link) or reach out to Carissa or Josh on Discord and we can investigate.

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