Help! All my save progress / in-game trophies / achievements / etc. disappeared!

How do I restore a save with everything unlocked?

Prefer a video walkthrough? Watch that here. Otherwise, carry on reading this article for text instructions!

1. First, follow the steps here to backup your saves. It's good to make sure any existing saves are backed up to a safe and easy to find place. Even if your data appears to have been lost, just in case there is something still in there.

    a. You only have to do the section called “To back up your game’s data”.

2. Download the archive here.

    a. On the upper right hand side of the screen, click the download icon (like below) to download the file.

Download icon you should look for on the download page

3. Open the location of the archive you just downloaded and take note of the files. You will be overwriting the corresponding versions in your save folder. (Make sure to back the existing ones up to a safe place in step #1!)

    3.5. If you’re unsure where to start looking for the zip folder, do this:

     a. Find the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of your browser, and click on them

     b. A menu should pop up, with options like “New tab”, “New window”, etc.

     c. Find the option called “Downloads” near the middle of the menu, and click on it

d. You should now see a list of files you’ve downloaded on this browser! Find the file and click on “Show in folder” below it

6. Track down where your Clone Drone game data is being saved and copy that location.

    a. Open Clone Drone from Steam

    b. When the game is first starting (and the white screen with the barking dog is shown), press the “S” key.

    c. Red text will show up--write that text down somewhere, exactly as it appears. (It must have  all the same symbols/capital or lowercase letters/etc.)

7. Unzip the folders we downloaded before (in step 3)!

    a. For, right click on the archive and then click on the option that says “Extract all.”

    b. Another menu will pop up. In the first bar (where it says “Files will be extracted to this folder:”), write the text you copied in the above step.

    c. Click the “Extract” button at the bottom of the menu

    d. The computer will start extracting the files!

8. Overwrite the files when the prompt pops up

9. If you ever need to reload your original save data, you can follow the steps under the section "To Restore from your back up" at 

⚠ *Everything* will be unlocked and achieved!

Fair warning, this is a 100% unlock save. Everything in the game will be beat, but you can still re-play chapters.

💡 If you want a tailored save to put you back at your previous achievement progress, email us a screenshot of your Steam achievements at & we can make a personalized one for you. It may take us some time, though. We would like everyone to be able to enjoy Clone Drone from whichever state they would like!

What can cause my save to disappear?

For those who saw this happen on December 22nd, 2020, it appears Steam had an outage/bug with Cloud Saves, Steam's system that Clone Drone relies on to tie your game save to your Steam account (so you can play your account's save on different computers, etc). Full details on that here.

Until we hear if Steam has a resolution to this issue or independent backups, we've made this guide to help you install save data with everything unlocked, so you don't need to re-play everything. It's not ideal, and we'll continue investigating this with Steam, but we hope this can help get you back up and running!

Other ways your save data can get cleared are:

  • Resetting the game data yourself (pressing S during startup and clicking the reset data button)
  • Changing which computer you're playing on without having Steam Cloud Saves enabled
  • Deleting the save folder from your computer

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